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    Femdom Roleplay Goddess Alyssa

    Your Femdom FanGirl

    Hi there. My name is Alyssa, and welcome to my new website! You may already know me from my other site, If not, feel free to hop over there, take a look around and check out my free audios!  I’ll still be right here when you get back!

    So as you can tell by my other website, I am a cock tease Princess. I love being in control and having my wicked way with horny guys!  I am also a lover of stories and tantalizing tales of sci-fiction femdom or fantasy in any form.  I role play fantasy or sci-fi. This is a chance for me to indulge in my inner fangirl!

    What is role playing?

    Role playing is the acting out of a story or a scenario within a story. This story can come from anywhere. From a story you’ve read, a movie you watched or a tv show you’ve seen.  It can be something you read in blog, book or even fanfiction, or a scenario you’ve created from your own experiences.

    For example, the pretty girl that makes your coffee every morning with that secret smile on her lips. Now imagine she knows the power her smile has over you and how she makes your cock throbbing hard.  Maybe she uses that secret smile to trick you into jerking off for her in the bathroom, then she wickedly denies you until you fulfill her wishes. Every day you visit hoping she will finally let you cum for her, and secretly loving the power she has over you! Now imagine I’m the girl that serves your coffee, underneath my cute barista uniform, I’m a sexy villianess that prays on the lustful desires of submissive men. My teasing and denying you are my way of building up your load to feed my hungry thirst for cum! Crazy, right?

    There are so many ways we can twist and turn this little scenario into our own role play adventure. I can’t wait to see what kind of stories we create together!


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